This is class

Combining the best trainers, the best moves, and the best technologies, CLASS creates a workout that transforms not only your body but also how you approach working out.

We work smarter, not harder.

Class is in session


First Class

Don’t be intimidated, our staff and instructors are here to help you feel welcome and comfortable. Arrive early to the studio and feel free to ask any questions. Remember, CLASS is for everyone, regardless of fitness levels and we are all in this together.


Save your spot

Remember to save your spot for CLASS. The popularity of our Classes means that they fill up quickly, so book early to ensure you get your favourite spot in the room.


Check in

Please arrive at the studio 15 minutes early. Check-in using one of our tablets or stop by the front desk. Our staff are happy to help get you checked in.


Gloves & Wraps

If you have them, bring them! If you don't, let the front desk know and they will fit you with everything you need to smash your workout.


Give It Your All

CLASS is 50 minutes of your day. Leave stress at the door, push yourself, and enjoy your time in the studio. While CLASS is designed to challenge your limits and take you out of your comfort zones, we want you to have fun. Do not take yourself too seriously and know that there is always room to learn and grow.

Our Facilities

  • Turf
  • Dry sauna
  • Bag rack
  • Group fit
  • Cryotherapy
  • Changing Rooms
  • Wifi
  • Functional equipment
  • Retail

Where is class?


12-14 The Centrium
Victoria Road
GU22 7PB


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One name, two kick-ass workouts. CLASS offers a modern twist on traditional boxing and high-intensity interval training classes. Led by Class UFC Gym accredited instructors, you will be coached through 50 challenging minutes that leave you sweaty, tired, but satisfied. Our two classes, Box and HIIT are distinct yet complimentary and offer something for everyone that keeps your workouts fresh. By incorporating multiple pieces of exercise equipment, workouts are constantly changing and evolving to ensure you will never be bored. Burn up to 700* calories, build lean muscle, and watch yourself transform into your strongest, most confident self.

Booking your spot in CLASS is as simple as click, pick, and go. Within your account, you have the ability to book your spot ahead of time. Not at your computer? No problem! We’ve got you covered, purchase classes and book your spot with our easy to use mobile app. No matter where you are, we make it easy to schedule your workout. No excuses...

Yes! CLASS is designed for everyone, regardless of fitness level. Our instructors are here to push you, but we want you to listen to your body. If you are unable to do a certain exercise or are working through an injury, ask the instructor for a modification. Their goal is to make sure your workout is not only challenging, but also safe. If you need a break for water or to catch your breath, take it. If you are pregnant or new to CLASS, it is always a good idea to consult with a medical professional before starting a new workout routine.


We work smarter, not harder. To take your workout to the next level, we have incorporated two pieces of tracking technology that keep your workouts honest and truly effective. Heart-rate monitors record your elevated heart rate, calories, and overall effort while punch trackers assess your hand movements to calculate the number, the velocity, and intensity of all your punches during BOX classes.