Terms & Conditions


For this purpose and Agreement, "Club Owner" means independent franchisee, including any and all corporately owned locations. "Club" means the club chosen and local to the Member and may be referred to as the Member’s home or designated Club. "I" and "Member" means the person whose name and signature appear on the membership agreement document. "Licensor" means the brand owner. The Member is solely responsible for updating any personal, address and contact information. All Members and Guests must comply by these Rules at all times. Refusal or continual non-compliance may result in the Member of Guest being escorted from the premises and immediate termination of their access to the facilities if appropriate. 


I understand that only authorised members or guests may access the Club and agree not to bring in individuals or grant them access, without prior notifying the club or staff member to arrange a day pass, taster session or free trial. Any and all individuals who participate in our classes, sessions or training, must sign a health waiver and register personal and contact details prior.


After my right to cancel period noted below, I may cancel my membership by giving notice by filling out a cancellation form at my local or designated Club. The notice will be effective on the last day of the month which is at least 30 days from the date of my notice, and I will be required to pay all fees up until that date and any outstanding fees for other services already supplied to me, regardless of whether or not I use the club after the date of my notice. If collection or legal services are needed to collect any unpaid amount, I am responsible for all costs of collection, including solicitor’s fees of Club Owner and/or Licensor. A member must cancel a class booking at least eight hours in advance of the class to avoid the class being deducted from your purchased packages. 


While the Club will endeavour to provide advance notice the class timetable, instructors and classes are subject to change at any time. Members and Guests are advised to book in advance to ensure that their space within a class is available. Bookings can be made online from 01.09.2019, however please be advised that you may not book onto classes that overlap each other. A member must cancel a class booking at least eight hours in advance of the class to avoid the class being deducted from your purchased packages. If a class is full please be advised that a member can book onto the waiting list. A confirmation email will be sent to advise the Member’s place on the waiting list. If a space should become available then members will be automatically enrolled into the class and notified via a confirmation email. Please be advised that once you are on the waiting list Members are committing to attend and could be auto booked into the class up to 1 hour before the class start time. Therefore please ensure that you remove yourself from the waiting list if you find yourself unable to attend, to avoid loss of a Class from your purchased package as part of the Cancellation policy.

Members are advised to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of their scheduled class. Late arrival may result in entry to the class being denied at the discretion of the Class Instructor. Please note that you may not participate in the Class if you have not completed the obligatory initial warm up. Upon arrival please check in at Reception. Guest visits are at the absolute discretion of the Club, and availability may be restricted at peak times. Guests are not able to book studio classes in advance, and may need to pay a fee to attend the class, unless arranged via special appointment with the Club.


If I wish to cancel this Agreement, I may do so by emailing or posting written notice to the Club. The notice must say that I do not wish to be bound by the Agreement and must be delivered before midnight on the fourteenth day from the Agreement date. The Club will refund anything I have paid, but the refunded amount will be less an amount for the amount I have already used (if any) at the then-current class by class or session by session basis. If the amount of use surpasses the initial start-up fees, my membership will be terminated immediately, however no refund will be issued. Refunds will be made no later than 14 days after the day on which the Club was informed about my decision to cancel. The refund will be made using the payment method I used for the initial transaction; there are no cash refunds available at any of our locations. 



  • Shorts, tracksuits or other trousers suitable for training.
  • T-shirt, or other tops suitable for training.
  • Closed shoes suitable for training, please note appropriate footwear must always be worn during training.


  • Jeans or other inappropriate trousers.
  • No top or lack of suitable clothing
  • Open shoes or unsuitable footwear such as books, flip-flops, sandals. 

All Members and Guests are expected to wear suitable attire at all times while using the facilities. Designated changing rooms are the only areas in which changing clothes should take place. All Members and Guests are expected to maintain basic standards of hygiene and conduct themselves in a respectful manner whilst using the facilities. Intimidating, abusive, offensive, violent or disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated. All equipment should be replaced correctly after use and wiped down in consideration of other users of the facility. I understand that if I am unsure of how a piece of equipment should be used I should seek instruction first. The Club does not take any responsibility where a Member sustains injury from incorrect use of equipment. Faulty or malfunctioning equipment should be reported to a member of staff immediately. I understand that I must comply with any and all reasonable requests by staff in relation to health & safety. Only food and drink purchased at the reception desk may be consumed on the premises, other than drinks in sealable containers. Alcohol and illegal substances are prohibited from being brought onto or consumed on the premises. Anyone under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances will be escorted from the Club premises. Smoking, including use of e-cigarettes is prohibited on the Club premises at all times. Members may not bring any pets (other than official aid dogs) onto the Premises. Please do not take photographs or videos on the premises or post remarks to the internet that may identify another Member, Guest or Staff member.


The Club is an advocate of recycling, please assist this cause by using the relevant recycling receptacles. I understand that the towel service is a privilege and will take care to limit my use of the number of Towels per visit and ensure that they are placed in the laundry service receptacle before leaving the facility as I acknowledge that the Towels remain the property of the Club.


The Club reserves the right at any time to delete, discontinue, repair or replace the facility equipment without any effect on this Agreement. The Club may be closed for up to two weeks each year for maintenance purposes, with prior notice given to members where appropriate. All Members and Guests must exit the premises no later than the Club closing time which is listed on the website or reception desk. Before using the Sauna facilities, Members and Guests are encouraged to read the Sauna Safety Poster which is displayed by each Sauna area. A towel should be used whilst in the sauna for the health, safety and comfort of other Sauna users. No other items should be taken into the Sauna as they may pose a Health, Safety and Fire hazards. Care should be taken when using all Facilities & Services on the Premises to exercise common sense with regards to Health & Safety requirements. 


Members are able to use the Club within designated hours, on an unlimited basis dependent upon their agreement, package and purchases I.e. a package of 5 classes can be used in 5 consecutive days subject to expiry dates. There will be general terms provided on a club by club basis, that will include but not be limited to, consent on a health waiver, consent to a Club specific late or no show fee or penalty, consent to Club conduct expectations or standards; including but not limited to; granting third parties access to the Club, impersonating or misrepresenting, Club staff or coaches or using the Club for commercial reasons. No Member of Guest may bring external Personal Trainers to the Club or act as a Coach or Personal Trainer, paid or otherwise. Please note that the Club’s authorised Coaches, Instructors and Personal Trainers have been confirmed as holding the required certification and insurance, and as such are the only Trainers and Personal Trainers permitted to work in the Club.


I agree that, except for any legal responsibility that Club Owner or Licensor cannot exclude in law (such as for death or personal injury), Club Owner and Licensor are not legally responsible for any: (i) losses that (a) were not foreseeable to me and them when the contract was formed or (b) were not caused by any breach on the part of Club Owner or Licensor; (ii) business losses; or (iii) losses to non-consumers.


This Agreement is a legally binding obligation for which I am solely financially responsible. If I have a prepaid membership, I acknowledge that the fee paid is not refundable under any circumstances. If I have a term or package membership, staff at the home Club, will inform you of the expiration and advise, where appropriate, which package or term would be best appropriate to renew or buy.


All membership holders of the club must be a minimum 16 years of age. All minors under the age of 18 are restricted in terms of use, and may need to have a parent or legal guardian sign the membership agreement, or be present during signing of the health waiver. The accepted Minimum age may vary from site to site, but will never be below the age of 14 years old for class use. There may be cases where the studio space is utilised by individuals or groups, for private use, with participants between 14 years old and 16 years old, which will be at the discretion of the club owner.


The above member terms and conditions are accurate as of 22.01.19 and are subject to online updates, with any changes effective immediately and communicated to the member in advance. During pre-sales, packages or classes can be bought under “Packages” on www.classufcgym.co.uk, which are for one specific location and cannot be transferred to any further locations without prior permission. The pre-sale packages or classes are limited with an expiry date, and prior to Club opening, all those who have purchased packages or classes will be informed of an open date, a class schedule and booking method. Upon first arrival at the Club, there will be an induction required, including the completion of a Member profile, including but not limited to personal, address and contact details, the signing of a health waiver and a Club tour.


I certify that I have no physical or mental condition that precludes me from participating in the Activities and I am not participating against medical advice. I understand that my participation is voluntary and further understand that I have the opportunity to inspect the premises and Equipment prior to my participation. I understand that I am obligated to follow the rules of the Activities and that I can minimise my risk of injury by doing so and through the exercise of common sense and being aware of my surroundings. I am aware of my rights and the consequent risks of using my own boxing gloves, wraps and related accessories during the Activities and acknowledge that Club will accept no responsibility for any damage caused by using my own accessories. I acknowledge that the Club is not responsible for any of my personal belongings. Any property found unattended in the Club will be kept for a reasonable period and then donated to charity, passed to the local Police Station or destroyed. Members and Guests are advised to secure their belongings in a locker at all times while using the facilities. Members and Guests with food allergies or special dietary requirements are responsible for informing members of staff prior to making a purchase or consuming any item from the Café or Reception area.


From time to time, and not more than once per year, the Club Owner may need to increase the price of classes, sessions or packages. The Club will give at least 30 days’ notice of any incoming price increase, and will make it very clear when the price increase will take effect and how much each offering available will cost after the increase.