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Thank you for your interest in working with our brand, CLASS UFC GYM. We work tirelessly to craft the best working relationships with suppliers and providers; we welcome all enquiries. We have a stringent vetting procedure, so please follow the below Application Steps in order to submit your interest:

  • Can you add value?
  • Can you increase our offering?
  • Can you enhance the consumer experience of our members?

Some of our suppliers and relationships are a brand standard, with a global connection. We are open to learning more about suppliers and potential relationships, so long as all proposals are tailored and specific to CLASS UFC GYM UK & R.O.I. As we are willing to commit time to learning more about your company, products and services, we ask that all proposals follow the below steps:

Step 1:

Submit a proposal for CLASS UFC GYM that outlines

  1. The detailed offering or service
  2. The potential competitive advantage or change suggested
  3. The benefit or effect and potential quantifiable results
  4. Any other relevant information specific to:
    1. Franchising
    2. Club operations
    3. Memberships
    4. Equipment & merchandise
    5. Property & construction
    6. Promotion & sponsorship

Step 2:


Step 3:

All tailored and specific proposals will be responded to in some format. Spam, phishing or generic proposals and emails will not be. If queries or further details are required, DOMINIQUE will contact you in due course, and if successful, submit the proposal to the Executive Board of UFC GYM UK & R.O.I. for review. All outcomes and decisions will be communicated by email. Due to the large volume of queries, calls and emails, please allow up to 28 working days for a response.

We thank you again for your interest.


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